Finishing My training Course


Construction site crane building Web Design 3D words.

My first goal when starting this 60 day challenge was to finish the training course I have enrolled in. The training course consists of online videos and is set up to be completed over 5 weeks. The first 3 weeks took me approximately 3 months, err shit… didn’t really make good progress did I?

This was due to having anĀ  extremely busy life and not being able to properly nuckle down and get the damn job done. But now with no distractions, an office away from home, now was the time to get the training finished.

I thought it would only take me a few days, but the course has so much content and so much to learn, with extra VIP areas, case studies and tips. Not to mention the archive of conference calls, I don’t think the training will ever be properly finished. When I started this project I was just thinking lead generation, now I’m thinking so much more…. multiple streams of income opportunities are taught in this fantastic course.

It’s really opened my eyes. Although the lead generation model, owning your own website properties, is the best form of residual income this course teaches it’s all the other slithers of money-making ideas which are going to help me pay the bills and not have to return to my blood sucking, mentally depressing, soul-destroying, bloody awful JOB.

So I’m going to be able to make money with website design, SEO, Lead generation, Content writing, Consulting, Optimising Google my business, Selling Call tracking and contact form caller, AdWords management, social media and reputation management.

I thought the price for this course was a bit steep. But now….. well time will tell, if I can’t make a decent living using all this knowledge then somebody please shoot me.