My First Income and Expenses Report:

At the end of every month I will report on my profitability of my businesses. Hours worked on each business, expenses, Upfront commissions and of course residual income made.

Residual income is the goal but lets get something straight. You have to work damn hard upfront to create the passive income in the first place. So the hours worked, on the online business, are going to be massive initially but what you will see is the res. inc. coming in from my NWM business (network marketing business) where there will be almost zero hours worked each month.

However this took me 4 years working part time alongside my main business to create. Now is the time to reap the rewards….sit back and watch the residual come in on auto-pilot!

August 2016

Network Marketing Business:   Residual Income  £565.00                                                                              Hours Worked      none whatsoever

Online Lead Gen Business:        Residual Income    £0.00                                                                                Hours worked       no idea, but quite a lot