Should I hire A VA for Backlinks and Tasks?

Its been tricky trying to decide which project to work on each day, having so much to do often means you just stop, frozen, like a rabbit in headlights. It makes you less productive than having just one task because you get easily distracted and keep going off on tangents.

Then someone will call, it could be a lead, then you stop what you were working on. Its then tricky to start over again.

My head is full of tasks…

Back linking

Expired Domains

Creating Ads

Solar Equity …..more about that tomorrow!

Creating new pages

Setting up new locations

etc, etc, etc ,etc

So I came across the idea, whilst reading one of the many SEO blogs that I waste time on, to hire a V.A. Which stand for Virtual Assistant.

The benefit of having a digital business is that you don’t have to employ anybody who lives nearby who can turn up at your office everyday you can outsource work to remote people in remote locations. And it is possible to hire VA’s in place like the Philippines who will work 40 hours a week for $400- $1000 a month.

So you can just train them up in different areas of your business and take the strain off yourself a bit.

In theory move forwards, twice as fast. Definitely something I will be looking into in more detail.