So a fantastic weekend.

So a fantastic weekend. Traveled miles from Cornwall to Leicester then to Cleethorpes. The highlight was taking my son to see his first home game at the King Power stadium (Leicester City), a great game and much needed win for our team.

It was a pleasure sharing that experience with my lad and what started with a bad situation with the car turned into a good one for us, and my wife who got to finally visit her friend and see her family.

We had a long drive back on the ¬†Monday didn’t get back till 5.00pm so the thought of going to the office wasn’t a great one. I did do some work at home, but I am not going to count that as one of the 60 days.

So here I am writing on Thursday the 27th October, there has been 3 full working days on the challenge since my last post. Today will be day 40, so 2 thirds of the way through.

The best thing to report on these days is that I have landed my second client! Agreed a £1,500 upfront payment then a commission split on sales made from the leads. To close the deal I agreed a rebuild of their existing website as part of the deal.

The reason I am not jumping through hoops quite yet is the money has not been paid to me. I want everyone who is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur to realise that a deal is not a deal until you have the money in your hand! (or bank)

I’ve celebrated success too early, way too many times to know that people change their mind when they’ve made a big decision. I am a little concerned about the client I have chosen for this partnership, its a builder, and he doesn’t always answer his phone or texts.

Is this a sign of things to come?

Anyway, I now have two of my lead gen projects with clients (hopefully) so I have a focus to get these sites ranking and producing leads.

I’ve got a long way to go with the Builders website, I’ve picked the Cornwall search and I think there may be a tricky road ahead to get this website where it needs to be. At the same time I need to get the Plmyouth Builders site ranking as well.

I feel very drained at this stage, the workload is massive. Literally spending 12 hours a day staring at my computer trying to get all the things done that need doing.

On my list today is Domain hunting (yuk), Hosting account set ups (blah), Adding content to Roofers site (OKish), social media posting (grim), Deindexing all the theme pages on my Cornwall site that shouldn’t be there (massive task), get my influence sites started….

It is a grind this, I am enjoying the challenge though. But that list above is going to be hard to enjoy. I told you this residual income building isn’t easy didn’t I?

At times it is so easy to feel deflated, lose your belief and get worried about the task ahead.

But I don’t want to go back to a job of any description, so I will graft hard, I don’t care.

The fact I could abandon everything for 3 days and take my son to a football match completely spontaneously without having to consult anyone is proof enough that the residual income entrepreneur lifestyle is the one I want!