Should I hire A VA for Backlinks and Tasks?

Its been tricky trying to decide which project to work on each day, having so much to do often means you just stop, frozen, like a rabbit in headlights. It makes you less productive than having just one task because you get easily distracted and keep going off on tangents.

Then someone will call, it could be a lead, then you stop what you were working on. Its then tricky to start over again.

My head is full of tasks…

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So a fantastic weekend.

So a fantastic weekend. Traveled miles from Cornwall to Leicester then to Cleethorpes. The highlight was taking my son to see his first home game at the King Power stadium (Leicester City), a great game and much needed win for our team.

It was a pleasure sharing that experience with my lad and what started with a bad situation with the car turned into a good one for us, and my wife who got to finally visit her friend and see her family.

We had a long drive back on the ¬†Monday didn’t get back till 5.00pm so the thought of going to the office wasn’t a great one. I did do some work at home, but I am not going to count that as one of the 60 days.

So here I am writing on Thursday the 27th October, there has been 3 full working days on the challenge since my last post. Today will be day 40, so 2 thirds of the way through.

The best thing to report on these days is that I have landed my second client! Agreed a £1,500 upfront payment then a commission split on sales made from the leads. To close the deal I agreed a rebuild of their existing website as part of the deal.

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