It’s finished! ….Well, more or less

Had a long hard graft today. Must have been 12 hours straight of full on web designing and its ready to go live. There are still more adjustments I want to make and I have ideas for more content and pages but at some point you just have to walk away and get on with something else….

The clock is ticking on this massive challenge and on day 9 I’m not where I want to be. Anyway the site is good enough to show people and start prospecting with, just need to get the business listed on Google and social media and put in all the links.

My graphic designer guy in Indonesia has finished all the logos and sent them over. Although I don’t want to mention the name of the business.

Branding is so important and I really wanted to make sure i had the right image going on.

£100,000 a Year!

One sixth of the way through the challenge and it feels like progress is slow. I wrote down 8 tasks on my list yesterday

Sort out blog, Make a footer, Link Social media, tweak home page, sort email signature, write screen cast pitch, write phone call script and practice making screen cast video.

When I looked at this list in the morning I thought it would be realistic. In the end I got stuck on the tweaking the site even more. So it was 5 out of 8 tasks completed.

So I am just reminding myself of my vision of where this enterprise is going to go. A couple of months ago I learned that one of the students of my training program was close to earning £100,000 a month after 2 years in his business.

Wow! How ridiculous is that. Pretty exciting to think what is possible here.

So I wrote that goal for myself. By July 2021 I will be generating a revenue of £100,000 a month with a 70% profit margin.

If you think I aiming too high then I recommend you read the book “10 X” by Grant Cordone. Aim for the stars and you might hit the moon.