My own Online Marketing Business Website

The beginning of my own brand website started today. This is the website which will represent my online marketing business which aims to generate leads for local small business owners. This site is not a lead generation site. You would think it would make sense to generate leads for my own business but unfortunately the search volume for “online lead generation” or “online marketing companies” is fairly small. So for the time being anyway this site will not be SEO’ed for the search engines.

Much better to spend my time ranking websites that have a high volume of punters searching. Hopefully punters with bucketfuls of cash to hand over to a local company.

The purpose and aim of this website is so that the people who I am prospecting can look us up. Its needs to be a professional, authoritative, business website that reeks of success, and has a wow factor that convinces clients that they need to be working with my company.

I am not mentioning my company name on this blog, and at the moment I will not be linking to it either. This is not because I don’t anyone looking at, quite the contrary, what I have produced so far I am very proud of for a complete beginner. I am worried that my prospective clients will find this blog when searching for my company.

Web building is still happening slowly at the moment. I’m learning a new skill, a new web builder and its painful at times. But I have my little friend Evil Devil of Self Doubt keeping me company so it’s all good.