Frustrations with websites, hosting, nameservers and other gobledigook

When you learn any new skill there is a learning curve you have to climb. We’ve all heard about the learning curve right? My friend on the course designed this amazing website This was my inspiration because it is such a nice site. But it is not an easy and straightforward skill to learn. The harder and more complex the skill the steeper and longer the learning curve is. This website building and SEO game I’m attempting isn’t brain surgery or rocket science but I think its fair to say that for a complete beginner there is definitely a steep curve to climb.

My theory on this is as long as you persevere and you are slowly but surely climbing that curve then all is good and you will conquer the ascent to the top.

But you have a voice in your head, like an “evil devil friend” in the part of your brain that stores your feelings of self doubt and fear. This “friend” was screaming at me today.

“What the hell do you think you are doing Tom!, You’re not a web designer, you have no idea what you are doing, think you can make money doing this do you? Well, it’s not going very well is it?!!!”

You see, I was slowly slipping down the learning curve today. I was literally going backwards. I had built a stunning looking website and completed the tutorial I started. But, when you look at the site on your mobile phone it looked like a bag of shit. I wanted to be professional If you look at the above website, it definitely looks like its been designed by a professional and not an amateur.

What had I done wrong? I couldn’t figure it out. The site building software was supposed to be mobile/tablet responsive….which means, it formats it for you so it looks slick on all devices.

I was also trying to launch a new site, my “Lead Gen agency” business site and I had to “point-the-nameservers-to-the-DNS-file-so-that-it could-propergate-and-have-its-own-domain-IP-listing”

What?   Come again?

I know, I will just punch a hole straight through my laptop. That should sort it.

I’m going to call my little devil friend, the negative voice inside my head, Evil Devil Of Self Doubt. He thinks he can take me on. I going to punch that little bitch into next year, he ain’t having me. No way.