It’s finished! ….Well, more or less

Had a long hard graft today. Must have been 12 hours straight of full on web designing and its ready to go live. There are still more adjustments I want to make and I have ideas for more content and pages but at some point you just have to walk away and get on with something else….

The clock is ticking on this massive challenge and on day 9 I’m not where I want to be. Anyway the site is good enough to show people and start prospecting with, just need to get the business listed on Google and social media and put in all the links.

My graphic designer guy in Indonesia has finished all the logos and sent them over. Although I don’t want to mention the name of the business.

Branding is so important and I really wanted to make sure i had the right image going on.
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My own Online Marketing Business Website

The beginning of my own brand website started today. This is the website which will represent my online marketing business which aims to generate leads for local small business owners. This site is not a lead generation site. You would think it would make sense to generate leads for my own business but unfortunately the search volume for “online lead generation” or “online marketing companies” is fairly small. So for the time being anyway this site will not be SEO’ed for the search engines.

Much better to spend my time ranking websites that have a high volume of punters searching. Hopefully punters with bucketfuls of cash to hand over to a local company. Continue reading My own Online Marketing Business Website

Finishing My training Course


Construction site crane building Web Design 3D words.

My first goal when starting this 60 day challenge was to finish the training course I have enrolled in. The training course consists of online videos and is set up to be completed over 5 weeks. The first 3 weeks took me approximately 3 months, err shit… didn’t really make good progress did I?

This was due to having an  extremely busy life and not being able to properly nuckle down and get the damn job done. But now with no distractions, an office away from home, now was the time to get the training finished.

I thought it would only take me a few days, but the course has so much content and so much to learn, with extra VIP areas, case studies and tips. Not to mention the archive of conference calls, I don’t think the training will ever be properly finished. When I started this project I was just thinking lead generation, now I’m thinking so much more…. multiple streams of income opportunities are taught in this fantastic course.

It’s really opened my eyes. Although the lead generation model, owning your own website properties, is the best form of residual income this course teaches it’s all the other slithers of money-making ideas which are going to help me pay the bills and not have to return to my blood sucking, mentally depressing, soul-destroying, bloody awful JOB.

So I’m going to be able to make money with website design, SEO, Lead generation, Content writing, Consulting, Optimising Google my business, Selling Call tracking and contact form caller, AdWords management, social media and reputation management.

I thought the price for this course was a bit steep. But now….. well time will tell, if I can’t make a decent living using all this knowledge then somebody please shoot me.

Frustrations with websites, hosting, nameservers and other gobledigook

When you learn any new skill there is a learning curve you have to climb. We’ve all heard about the learning curve right? My friend on the course designed this amazing website This was my inspiration because it is such a nice site. But it is not an easy and straightforward skill to learn. The harder and more complex the skill the steeper and longer the learning curve is. This website building and SEO game I’m attempting isn’t brain surgery or rocket science but I think its fair to say that for a complete beginner there is definitely a steep curve to climb.

My theory on this is as long as you persevere and you are slowly but surely climbing that curve then all is good and you will conquer the ascent to the top.

But you have a voice in your head, like an “evil devil friend” in the part of your brain that stores your feelings of self doubt and fear. This “friend” was screaming at me today.

“What the hell do you think you are doing Tom!, You’re not a web designer, you have no idea what you are doing, think you can make money doing this do you? Well, it’s not going very well is it?!!!”

You see, I was slowly slipping down the learning curve today. I was literally going backwards. I had built a stunning looking website and completed the tutorial I started. But, when you look at the site on your mobile phone it looked like a bag of shit. I wanted to be professional If you look at the above website, it definitely looks like its been designed by a professional and not an amateur.

What had I done wrong? I couldn’t figure it out. The site building software was supposed to be mobile/tablet responsive….which means, it formats it for you so it looks slick on all devices.

I was also trying to launch a new site, my “Lead Gen agency” business site and I had to “point-the-nameservers-to-the-DNS-file-so-that-it could-propergate-and-have-its-own-domain-IP-listing”

What?   Come again?

I know, I will just punch a hole straight through my laptop. That should sort it.

I’m going to call my little devil friend, the negative voice inside my head, Evil Devil Of Self Doubt. He thinks he can take me on. I going to punch that little bitch into next year, he ain’t having me. No way.

My First Income and Expenses Report:

At the end of every month I will report on my profitability of my businesses. Hours worked on each business, expenses, Upfront commissions and of course residual income made.

Residual income is the goal but lets get something straight. You have to work damn hard upfront to create the passive income in the first place. So the hours worked, on the online business, are going to be massive initially but what you will see is the res. inc. coming in from my NWM business (network marketing business) where there will be almost zero hours worked each month.

However this took me 4 years working part time alongside my main business to create. Now is the time to reap the rewards….sit back and watch the residual come in on auto-pilot!

August 2016

Network Marketing Business:   Residual Income  £565.00                                                                              Hours Worked      none whatsoever

Online Lead Gen Business:        Residual Income    £0.00                                                                                Hours worked       no idea, but quite a lot

Welcome to my first ever blog post

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is my first attempt at writing and keeping a blog.

My name is Thomas Adam Forest

I have set this up to keep a track of my progress in my business building, at the moment I don’t really have any intention of growing an audience but if you somehow stumble across this blog and wish to join me on my mission and read my ramblings you are more than welcome. This blog is really for me to monitor myself and make everything i do accountable.

I am a self titled “Residual Income Entrepreneur” and believe that the journey of happiness and success must involve the creation of huge residual income. Residual income is something I have been passionate about creating for the last 4 years. In my opinion residual or passive income means financial security and independence on a monthly basis whilst being able to choose EXACTLY what you want to do each day. To be able to pursue the things that you love and enjoy on a daily basis without the stress and pressure of having to go to a job.

Ive just designed my logo for the site… it is in its full glory.

Hope you like it!


It means being able to retire when you wish and having the resources to live a fulfilling life and having absolutely everything you need and everything you could ever want. Sound like eutopia or a silly dream? Well I can absolutely guarantee that it is very possible and many others have already achieved it.

I aim to write a little report each day about my activities. I will also be listing all my expenses and my income as it grows over the months and years ahead. I have already created a residual income with a Network marketing business which I am very proud of and this blog launch marks the launch of my next residual income enterprise which is an automated online lead generation business.

I have signed up to a training program which maps out from A to Z the process to follow to build a successful online business.

I have already being following this program for the last 3 months but due to my busy schedule and my job not a lot has been achieved! So I’ve booked 2 months off, yes! Rented an office so Im away from all the family/children chaos. So what an exciting time because I am free for the next 60 days to do nothing but build my residual income business!